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Industrial digital printing machine

Industrial digital printing machine SD908/SD 912/SD 916
12 ■ Use Japanese Seiko 1024GS print head (minimum ink dot 7pL)
■Nozzle number 8/12/16 optional
■Speed: A4 wide 350 pieces/hour (16 heads)
■The ink has passed the certification of the nozzle manufacturer!
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Product description

12Industrial digital printing machine
1. Adopting professional-grade mechanical structure design, it can use any model of long-link elliptical machine as a platform for printing, and it can also be grafted with elliptical machines or octopus machines from different manufacturers.
2. Professional-grade ink and matching primer paste can effectively ensure high color saturation, delicate image quality gradation, and improve printing quality.
3. Excellent productivity: A4 format (210mmx297mm) pattern, 8 heads 240 pieces/hour; 12 heads 320 pieces/hour; 16 heads 350 pieces/hour; A3 format.
4. Japan's industrial-grade Seiko SPT-1024GS print head, the smallest ink drop is 7PL, to ensure the fineness of the pattern without loss of speed; the color gamut is expanded.

Monochromatic single-head structure reduces the waste of ink from the nozzle


Product specifications:

Machine model SD90 8 SD91 2 SD91 6
Sprinkler SPT-1024GS spray of Japan's Seiko Electronics Group
Number of nozzles 8 Heads 3x4 (three groups) 16
Ink type

2x4 (two sets) paint ink 4x4 (four sets)

Ink color Four colors 4color
Maximum print size 63x73cm
Maximum printing speed A4240 pieces/hour A4320 pieces/hour A4350 pieces/hour
    Network version USB3.0
Fabric type


Nozzle cleaning system  
Ink supply system Automatic liquid level sensor, continuous ink supply by pressure pump or manual ink supply
Input power AC220V.50Hz.5KW
Operating environment Temperature 18~30C Humidity 45%~95%
Machine size L2830"W1780*H1760mm
Machine weight Approx.1100Kg


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