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Transfer heat transfer color ink

It is suitable for direct jet printing of various fibers, including mono-component fiber fabrics and multi-component fiber blended fabrics, such as cotton, wool, viscose fiber, chemical fiber and blended fabric. The coating ink has excellent performance, bright colors, good light fastness and weather fastness. The inkjet printing process of the paint ink is simple, and the printing process is completed in one step (without the complicated pre- and post-treatment process). It only needs simple baking and fixing to realize the waterless printing, which is beneficial to protect environment. After inkjet printing, the fixing paint will not produce floating color on the fiber, so there is no need to wash with water to remove floating color like dyes.
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Product description

Chemical composition: polyurethane modified acrylate copolymer, nano-pigment, surfactant


Nature CTL transfer heat transfer ink is suitable for piezoelectric nozzles, with good fluency, no corrosive solvents, and long service life. The ink coating has good resistance to friction and washing fastness. The product has a white ink direct-jet heat transfer process with bright colors and a high degree of color.
Product specifications Appearance (visual inspection)   Appearance (visual inspection)
pH value (GB/T 11175-2002)   8.0-9.0
Viscosity, 25℃ mPa·s Less than 10
Other features Ion charge   Anion
Tg, -5
Average particle size nm 180-220

Scope of application CLT1799 is a widely applicable paint ink, which can be used for:
●EPSON fifth-generation print head / 5113 print head / 4720 print head / XP600 and other piezoelectric print heads
●Digital printing of transfer film, artificial leather and other fabrics


Safety CLT1799 contains technically unavoidable trace amounts of volatile organic matter. According to our experience and other information we have, it is harmless to human health when used for the intended purpose and in compliance with correct industrial regulations.
Storage conditions One year in a closed and cool environment; it is recommended to use it within two months after opening. CLT1799 must avoid contact with iron, copper, zinc and other metals. The packaging must be airtight to avoid getting close to heat sources and freezing. The packaging should be stored in a ventilated and cool place. CLT1799 can be stored at 10-30°C for 12 months. The environment during transportation cannot be lower than 5°C, otherwise, bad phenomena will occur.


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