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Imitation hot pulp series

Category: Special glue----- imitation bronzing and imitation silver
Special points: environmental protection, high gloss, no oxidation, no darkening, no stickiness, good elasticity, resistance to warm water washing, dry and wet rubbing fastness can reach 3-4. This product can solve the shortcomings of bronzing printing process, such as dull washing, serious color fading and complicated process flow. Moreover, the bronzing PE film waste after the transfer of the bronzing printing process has serious ecological pollution. The product will not cause a second ecological pollution to the environment, and it is more environmentally friendly, and the process flow is simple, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.
Applicable fabric: suitable for printing on all kinds of cotton cloth, TC cloth, woven cloth, etc.
Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place, sealed and stored at 5-35℃ for 6 months.
Ring guarantee: comply with GB18401, Oeko-tex standard 100, Adidas A-01, NIKE RSL, etc.
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