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2017-07-28 11:51:00
2017 Asia Pacific Screen Printing Exhibition/CSGIA China International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition/China International Digital Printing Industry Technology Exhibition
This exhibition is the world's third largest exhibition of industrial technology and equipment for screen printing, textile printing and digital printing, and enjoys the reputation of "the largest exhibition in Asia" in the industry. The exhibition has been successfully held for 30 sessions so far, and it is recognized as an "authoritative brand exhibition" in the global industry.
2021-01-26 09:32:00
Changlian Technology launches G35 solid slurry
Dongguan Changlian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. newly launched G35 solid paste is a medium and high temperature cross-linked waterborne acrylic resin with an elevated bridge density, suitable for coloring, printing and dyeing cotton textiles. G35 is a solid slurry with a solid content of 35%. Changlian will develop new solid slurry with different solid content and properties according to customer needs.
2016-01-27 11:50:00
Speech by Chairman Lu Kaiping of Changlian Technology Spring Festival Gala
Dear guests and friends, dear colleagues,

Hello everyone! The new year opens up new hopes, and a new beginning carries new dreams. Farewell to the extraordinary 2015, we are about to embark on a new journey. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I, on behalf of the company, express my sincere gratitude to leaders at all levels, new and old customers and people from all walks of life who have always supported Changlian Technology! I extend my sincere blessings to all employees and their families!
2016-01-25 11:49:00
The cold rain in the poor winter turns to the late spring, and the long-term pride breaks the cold winter!
On January 23, 2016, Dongguan Changlian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2015 work summary meeting and the 2016 Spring Festival Gala in the Dongguan Changlian Technology Headquarters Park. Changlian Technology Headquarters, Huizhou Changlian, Suzhou Office, Shaoxing Office, Zhongshan Office, Longgang Office, Guangzhou Office, Yuanzhou Office, etc. attended the party.
2014-04-24 11:51:00
Changlian Technology Sales Department held mid-year summary meeting and vocational training courses
From July 14th to 16th, the sales department of Changlian Technology held a mid-year summary meeting and vocational training courses in Huizhou Changlian. Leaders of each branch, all salespersons of the office, application technology department, research and development department, after-sales department, etc. The head of the department attended the conference.
2013-11-04 11:51:00
The first working conference of printing industry standards was held in Dongguan
The first working meeting of the printing industry standard of "Screen printing water-based printing glue usage requirements and inspection methods" was held in Dongguan
2012-08-28 11:51:00
The industry-university-research cooperation project between Changlian Technology and Soochow University won the second prize of Jiangsu Province Light Industry Science and Technology Award for Technology Invention
Introduction to the Art College of Soochow University:

The Art College of Soochow University was founded in 1960. Its predecessor was the Department of Arts and Crafts, Suzhou Silk Technology Institute, which was founded in 1960. It has a history of more than 50 years. After several generations of unremitting efforts and struggles, it has developed into a strong teaching force. , Comprehensive art colleges and departments with relatively complete professional directions. At present, the College of Art consists of 6 departments: Department of Art, Department of Dyeing and Weaving Art, Department of Fashion Art, Department of Environmental Art, Department of Visual Communication, Department of Fine Arts; 2 schools including Art Research Institute and Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center Grade research institution.
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