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〖Professional R&D team and continuous technological innovation〗

The company has always regarded technology research and development as an important driving force for business development. The company has more than 70 R&D and technical personnel, one of whom has a doctoral degree and one enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, and has the title of "specialized, refined and new 'little giant' enterprise" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the title of "specialized, refined and new small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province", the engineering technology research center of environmental protection water-based textile printing materials in Guangdong Province, and the enterprise technology of Guangdong Province. Center, Guangdong Provincial Doctoral Workstation, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Expert Workstation and other innovative platforms, and won two Chinese Patent Excellence Awards。


The company has always adhered to the road of independent research and development, and continuously carried out technological innovation in the selection and ratio of product raw materials, production process improvement, etc., and formed a complete technical system with independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, the company has established a perfect R&D system and established an experienced R&D team, and the R&D investment has increased year by year to continuously promote the research and development of new products. The company actively carries out technical exchanges and cooperation, and has established close industry-university-research cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University and other institutions of higher learning. Through industry-university-research cooperation and active technical exchanges, the company can grasp the technological frontier and transform it into productivity in a timely manner.
After years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in product development and production in the field of water-based printing glue products. In recent years, while maintaining the competitive advantage of general-purpose printing glue products, the company has also continued to develop new products, new applications, and new markets. new customer. The sales revenue of functional glues such as antifreeze glue, flame retardant glue, anti-sublimation base glue, bronzing glue, denim glue and thick plate glue developed by the company has increased year by year. Digital glue, silk screen silicone and digital paint Ink and other products have been launched one after another. The successful development and operation of new products not only enriched the company's product categories, expanded the application fields of the company's products, effectively improved the company's profitability and anti-risk capabilities, but also tested the company's product development and industrialization capabilities.