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Talent Concept

1. View on talent selection

Have both ability and political integrity, both internal and external; appoint people on their merits and compete fairly.

2. Concept of cultivating talents

In accordance with the company's development needs, conduct planned training for employees to improve their basic quality.

3. Use talent

No doubt about employing people, and reasonable authorization.

4. Retention of talents

Expand the development space of employees, guarantee and improve the economic interests of employees; mainly use salary, career and feelings to retain people.

Campus Recruiting

The recruitment principle is that the company recruiters adhere to the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and selection of the best"!

We always implement the people-oriented value concept and advocate "being honestly and doing things down-to-earth"

Corporate value and personal value complement each other and unite each other, and continuously maximize employee value and corporate value!

Application Notes

Recruitment contact number

Contact number: +86-769-83215622

Resume delivery mailbox

Human Resources Department Email: jun.xie@dg-clt.com​