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Concentric with customers

Customers are a strategic alliance community, and a win-win situation can only be achieved with one heart and one mind

Pay attention to people's livelihood and social progress, increase investment in public welfare undertakings, and donations to fight the epidemic

Concentric with society

Respond to the national development strategy, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and focus on ecological protection

Concentric with the country

People-oriented, establish a capable and efficient team image, and create a spiritual culture



At the same time internally and externally, create a product image of superior quality and create a material culture


Target incentives, create a strict and harmonious management image, and create an institutional culture


"Sincerely, practicability,enterprising,win-win”is the company’s cultural essence and value concept, and also all the Changlian people’s self-motivation for the code of conduct. Company in the process of moving towards internationalization, Changlian people to “make the printing more friendly, fashion and colorful world”as own duty, has been adhering to the “people-oriented, innovative system” the management idea, adheres to the”excellence, the pursuit of excellence”quality policy, has always been the pursuit of health”care for customers and pay attention to environmental protection”concept of environmental protection.