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White ink digital direct jet heat transfer

White ink direct jet heat transfer process characteristics
※ No need for engraving, no waste discharge and laminating, simple operation, printing from one piece
※ Unlimited patterns, natural hollow, thinner and more breathable
※ The pattern is soft and elastic
※ Accurate white color setting, 1mm fine print high-definition, no stroke
※ High fastness, dry and wet wipe up to 4 or more, resistance to 5A washing
※ The fabric has a wide range of adaptability, suitable for light-colored, dark-colored, cotton, polyester and other fabrics
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Product description

Process flow

Application field

Can print other fabrics except sublimation fabrics.
It has a wide range of uses, and can print T-shirts, sweaters, hats, bags, toys, pillows, etc.

Auxiliary equipment and materials

Printer performance parameters

Product brand CLT Long Link
Device model IT-B600
Nozzle type Epson 1900 dual nozzle Epson 4720 dual nozzle
Printing speed 7m2/h 7-10 m2/h
Ink color CMYK+WT white color at the same time
Ink type Special ink for heat transfer
Ink supply method Continuous ink supply system
Print wide format 800MM
Print media PET transfer film
Media transfer Automatic retractable film system
Heating device Front. Car. Rear three-stage heating
Transmission interface USB 2.0 high speed
Power requirements AC 100V(±10), 50/60Hz   ; AC 220V(±10), 50/60Hz
Work environment Temperature 15-25℃/humidity 30-65%RH
Machine size Printer 1720×800×1500mm Powder spreader 2450×1050×1150mm
Machine weight 125KG 180KG


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